2 MLN Investment in VitalFluid


The Brabantse Ontwikkelings Maatschappij and VDL Participaties, part of VDL Groep, are investing in VitalFluid together. This company, located on the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, uses the groundbreaking plasma technology to reduce the use of chemical pesticides and to offer a sustainable alternative to artificial fertilizers. The financial impulse of 2 million euros will be used to expand the R&D activities and build up the organization to be able to supply a growing number of machines to horticulturists.

VitalFluid uses the plasma technology developed by scientists at Eindhoven University of Technology to extract nitrogen from the air using electricity and to dissolve it in water. “You can best compare this Plasma Activated Water to a pond where lightning has striked”, says Paul Leenders, founder and CEO of VitalFluid. “Plants grow amazingly well on that water. Our plasma water – we also call it lightning water – has the same effect as a thunderstorm; the first fifteen minutes it has strong disinfecting properties, after that it falls back to water containing a nice fertilizer. This is a completely natural process with only water, air and electricity as input. When you use sustainable energy sources in the process, it is even 100% circular. With this new investment, we can set to work to conquer the agricultural sector. Starting with organic horticulture.”

“VitalFluid is the first company that has managed to develop a commercially available product with plasma technology,” says investment manager Robbert van der Stelt of BOM. “This allows the company to play a major role in making our food system more sustainable. VitalFluid could also be the founder of a new industry in the region. The knowledge that is being developed is of an electrical, biological and chemical nature and offers great potential for employment and the development of new technology.”

“We are excited about this collaboration with VitalFluid and BOM. Our colleagues from VDL Industrial Modules in Helmond are involved in the development and production of VitalFluid machines. With this investment, we underline our confidence in the technical and commercial qualities of this young and innovative manufacturing company from the Brainport region,” says Bart Rooijmans, director of VDL Participatie, the activity of VDL Groep that invests in young, innovative companies that are looking for a development and production partner. “This collaboration fits in seamlessly with our Foodtech cluster, with which VDL focuses on renewing and making the food chain more sustainable.”