"Plants don't lie!"

“Plants don’t lie!” These were the words used by a USA grower during his inspection of the cucumbers in our test greenhouse Keijzers in the Netherlands. He is one of USA’s largest organic growers of cucumbers and is keen on using VitalFluid’s natural nitrogen for his USDA organic cultivation.

VitalFluid B.V. is testing a ‘standard’ USDA organic cucumber cultivation at a member of Oxin growers; Herman Keijzers in Veldhoven the Netherlands. At his greenhouse he reached the same productivity in USDA organic cultivation as in common farming which is approximately 30% more.

Herman Keijzers: “One of the biggest issues in USDA organic cultivation is a shortage of Nitrogen”.

The nitrogen component is supplied by VitalFluid Natural Nitrogen. What we can see is that the nitrate levels (NO3) in the ‘gift’ water are very good. The plants are able to absorb this nitrate directly, so controlling your fertilizer water is easy. With organic fertilizers, growers first have to convert the nutrients into NO3, which causes problems in controlling plant growth. Another advantage of Natural Nitrogen is that it does not block drippers of the irrigation system because it is a very clean nutrient source. There are no contaminants or residues in the water, which also makes it possible to recirculate the fertilizer water.

VitalFluid Natural Nitrogen is a sustainable nutrient made with only water and ambient air as an input. By copying lightning we are making use of a natural process. Please visit our website and learn more….

VitalFluid is testing currently on tomatoes at the WUR in Bleiswijk, lettuce in vertical farming at the Botany and cucumbers at a grower in the south of the Netherlands. Also some potential clients are testing on a small scale on algae and herbs.

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