Clean seeds, good germination

Seed TreatmentHealthy seeds, and good germination with Plasma Activated Water seed treatment.

Over 40 Seed-pathogen combinations are tested in September, October, and November on germination and seed health after treating them with Plasma Activated Water (PAW). 14 well-established seed breeding companies send infected seeds to VitalFluid to do the trials. A wide range of seeds are tested: cucumbers, beet, flowers, and many more with different infections of fungi, bacteria, and viruses. Earlier testing has shown that PAW can be used for seed cleaning, as it removes fungi, bacteria, and viruses.

PAW is sustainable and produced by only using ambient air, water, and electricity. It is a copy of the natural process lighting.

Researchers Ineke Wijkamp (seed technologist) and Danique van de Krieken (microbiologist) performed the tests. The seeds are treated with different concentrations of PAW and treating times to find out the right treatment for each combination. After treatment the seeds returned to the seed breeders to test them on germination and seed health. VitalFluid B.V. is looking forward to the results.

VitalFluid partnered up with PETKUS SELECTA BV to scale up and combine technologies such as steam. Together they create sustainable seed treatment solutions to treat all kind of seed-pathogen combinations.

-No more chemicals
-No more pathogens
-Increased germination

Please contact Mark van Boxtel or Marcel Wolbrink for more information.