Seed treatment

Seed treatment - Nature based

PAW Seed treatment - healthy seeds, good germination

By copying lightning VitalFluid has developed a nature-based seed treatment to clean seeds from pathogens without chemicals. VitalFluid has developed a process by which PAW is generated by electrical discharge. This mimics the process in nature, where PAW, in the form of rain is generated during lightning. The characteristic of PAW  to generate reactive species infers the potential to inactivate microorganisms. With this technology it’s possible to use PAW for seed treatment to increase the health status of vegetable and flower seeds.

Seed Treatment Plasma Activated Water
No chemical, clean seeds

With plasma activated water we offer seed companies a tool to produce clean, healthy seeds without negative effects for the environment. You can clean your seeds by soaking or spraying the seeds with plasma activated water. This will be produced on-site with only ambient air, demineralized water, and electricity. PAW is produced without the use of any toxins or chemicals, furthermore it leaves no residue.

Several crop-pathogen combinations have been tested already, for example crops such as onion, carrot, lettuce and cabbage, in combination with pathogen species such as Alternaria, Aspergillus, Botrytis, Cladosporium, Fusarium and Xanthomonas.

Test with PAW to remove these seedborne diseases, showed a significant reduction of fungal and bacterial contaminants; in specific cases 100% removal of pathogens was achieved after the sanitation process with PAW, without significant negative effect on germination.

In some cases of sanitation of flower seeds with a high contamination of general fungi, the germination was improved up to 130%, as compared to the untreated control; basically, due to the removal of excess of fungal spores from the seed surface.


VitalFluid has developed different units to be able to perform seed treatment geared specifically towards different crop-pathosystems. Smaller batches can easily be treated with our Aegir PAW Unit. To treat bigger batches VitalFluid has set up a partnership with Petkus-Selecta. Together with the experience and know-how of Petkus-Selecta on steam treatment, called HySeed bio, we are a great team to provide sustainable seed treatment solutions!

Benefits of Vitalfluid PAW:
  • No more chemicals
  • No more pathogens
  • Increased germination
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Aegir PAW unit

The best system for seed treatment is the Aegir PAW unit.

  • 1 kW system
  • 2 L PAW per batch
  • Control of production process
  • Inline measurement of PAW characteristics
  • Cloud connected to service centre VitalFluid